K-Pop Singer Haesoo Dies By Suicide

K-pop singer Haesoo has
died at the age of 29.

It is reported that she died
by suicide and the police
have recovered a suicide
note as well.

Haesoo was slated to
perform at a festival
on May 20.

She was a trot singer,
a genre extremely
popular in South Korea.

She made her debut in
2019. Her fan base was
growing following the
release of her single
album, My Life I Will.

Haesoo also appeared on
several South Korean shows
such as The Trot Show, AM
Plaza, and Gayo Stage.

Her performance on KBS
2TV’s Immortal Song took
her popularity to
new heights.

Born in December 1993,
she allegedly majored in
traditional Korean music.

Haesoo reportedly sang in the
Pansori style, a narrative style
of singing in South Korea.

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