Kim Taehyung Aka V,
The Most Handsome Face
Among BTS

Kim Taehyung, stage name V, has
often been referred to as one of the
more popular BTS members.

His Instagram hit one million followers
in just 43 minutes of it being created.

Currently, he has the biggest following
on the platform, over 30 million.

He had BTS in 2011 but his first look
was revealed on June 2, 2013 just 11 days
before BTS made its official debut.

After featuring in the global ‘100 Most
Handsome Faces of 2021', V has
been one of the most sought after
members since debut.

Fans die for the slightest of
his aegyo and boxy smile.

He is also very particular about
his fashion, and is usually one of the best
dressed at every appearance.

He has often been referred to
as CG-V (computer graphics) for
his perfect looks.

His unique, deep voice adds a texture
to BTS’ songs, fans love to see him smizing
in front of the camera in music videos.

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