Times BTS Member
Suga Won Hearts

BTS member Min Yoongi, popularly
known as Suga, is a rapper, songwriter,
and music producer.

The rapper has created a fan base with his rapping skills and effective songwriting.

This year, BTS' members launched
their Winter Package, a series of official
merchandise for their fans.

For the promo shoot, Suga
presents hope for his fans dressed
in a stylish all-black outfit.

Suga is seen in his solo music video Daechwita as Agust D, a stage name he uses for his solo music performance.

Suga fulfilled his dream of
plucking strawberries straight from
the farm during lockdown.

With his dark-hair and loose silk
clothes, Suga danced to the tunes of
their Billboard Hot 100 no. 1 song.

BTS members also dressed up as
Santa Claus for their die-hard fans
worldwide ahead of Christmas 2020.

In his latest picture shared on
Instagram, someone wished the rapper
happy birthday a day in advance.

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