5 High-Protein
Snacks For
Weight Loss

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Anyone who is on a weight-
loss journey knows that a
planned diet is of utmost
importance for them.

Exercise and a protein-rich
diet are the best possible
combination if you want
to lose weight.

Protein promotes the
feeling of fullness, slows
digestion, and stabilises
blood sugar levels.

Here are some protein-rich
snacks one can incorporate
into their diet that can help
them lose weight.

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Rich in fibre, good fats and
protein, pistachios are a great
snack that can help you reduce
weight. Consuming pistachios will
help you feel full and prevent
overeating scenarios.

Boiled eggs are a great
source of protein and other
nutritional elements. All of
them together help in weight
loss and muscle recovery
after the gym.

Protein bars are an amazing
protein snack. They not only help
you feel full but also make sure that
you do not crave sugary snacks like
chocolates and candies.

Paneer is a popular source of
protein for vegetarians. It acts as a
substitute for meat and eggs. The
versatile ingredient can be used as
a side dish, starter or as snack.

With 20 grams of protein in one
cup (224 grams), Greek yoghurt is
more filling than its counterpart
low-protein yoghurts. It is also
high in calcium making it suitable
to improve bone health.

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