7 Animals That Don't
Sleep Like You And Me

When we think about
sleeping, it means lying
down on a flat surface. After
all, that's how our body rests.

However, there are
animals and birds that
have unusual sleeping

Koala bear: These animals
sleep for around 20 hours
a day by hanging on trees.
Staying up in a tree keeps
them safe from predators
like dingoes.

Shark: Sharks take a break by
halting their speed and letting
the body rest syncing with the
flow of current. They, however,
do not enjoy deep sleep.

Parrotfish: This colourful
fish sleeps inside a clear
cocoon made of mucous
every night to safeguard
itself from predators like
sharks and eels.

Horse: Horses can lock their legs
and sleep standing upright for
short periods of time. They,
however, lower themselves and
tuck their legs to the front when
sleeping for longer hours.

Bat: Bats like to hang
upside down when
sleeping. They also prefer
to sleep in a group as self-
protection. Their feet
have special tendons that
doesn't allow them to fall.

Sloth: Sloths love to sleep!
They either balance themselves
on forked branches of trees or
hang upside down. Their long
claws help when they remain

Flamingo: Flamingos are known
to stand on one leg. They also
sleep on one leg! In fact, they
are never fully asleep as half of
their brains are always alert and
aware of its surroundings.

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