9 Breakfast Staples To Avoid

Sugary or highly processed cereals: Despite their frequent appearance on breakfast tables and sweet, crunchy flavour, most sugary cereals won't keep you full for very long.

Pancakes or waffles: While heavy in calories, fat, and sugar, pancakes and waffles are deficient in protein and fibre. They can therefore quickly fill you up but won't keep you full for very long.

Buttered toast: The bread's carbs and butter's fat account for the great bulk of the toast's calories.

Caffeinated drinks: Consuming these for breakfast could cause a sharp rise in blood sugar. Your body will then release insulin to lower those levels, which may make you feel hungry and agitated.

Energy drinks: These beverages are high in caffeine and sugar. Although you might experience a spike in energy just after, it usually ends in a crash.

Fat-free flavoured yoghurt: Avoid these varieties of yoghurt because most manufacturers add more sugar to make up for the absence of fat in their products.

Bagels: When stuffed with cream cheese or other ingredients, bagels lose their nutritional value.

Packaged juices: They are laden with sugar, which is never beneficial for your health. This leads to obesity. Whole fruit is a far healthier choice for your health.

Pastries & cakes: Cakes and pastries include simple carbs. When consumed, they instantly convert to glucose. Insulin levels frequently increase abnormally in response to a high glucose level.

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