The Highest Alcohol Consumption

9 Countries With

In the first spot is the small European nation, where citizens consume 14.4 litres on average each year.



Lithuanian citizens consume 12.9 litres on average, taking the second spot.


The third sport belongs to Grenada, where citizens consume 11.9 litres on average.

It's a tie between these countries for the fourth spot. Citizens consume 11.8 litres on average each year.

Czech Republic and France


In the fifth spot is Russia, known for its high consumption of vodka. Citizens consume 11.5 litres on average each year.

Ireland, Luxembourg, and Slovakia

The three countries take the sixth spot, with citizens consuming 11.4 litres on average.

With 11.3 litres on average each year, these two countries tie for the seventh spot.

Germany and Hungary

In the eighth spot is Portugal, where citizens consume 11 litres on average each year.


The ninth spot belongs to Polish citizens, who consume 10.9 litres on average.


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