9 Yoga Asanas That'll Keep You Fit 

Perform Tadasana if you want to improve your posture and body awareness. It also helps in strengthening your legs and creating good alignment. 

Pranayam asana helps in balancing the natural breathing cycle and also facilitates mental and physical balance without causing strain.

Marjariasana is important in bringing flexibility to the
spine & strengthening wrists and shoulders.

Besides improving blood circulation, Bhujangasana opens up the shoulders and neck to relieve pain & tones the abdomen. 

Vajrasana is a crucial pose
that aids in digestion, relieves/prevents constipation & strengthens pelvic muscles. 

Paschimottanasana enhances physical flexibility and helps you stay calm.

Chakrasana offers a deep stretch for the chest and shoulder muscles, as well as the hip flex.

Sirsasana is famous as a cooling posture that helps reduce stress & anxiety. 

Bakasana is a balancing asana in hatha yoga and modern yoga. Opens up the hips and groins and stretches your upper back.

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