Benefits Of Stretching
You Probably Didn't Know

Regularly stretching can
help improve your flexibility
especially if you follow a
sedentary lifestyle.

Body's flexibility naturally
decreases as part of the ageing
process, but stretching may help
slow down this process.

Stretching causes short-term
improvements in circulation
by relaxing your blood vessels
and increasing the amount of
blood your heart pumps.

Stretching can have a
long-term benefit on your
circulatory health.

It can activate the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn activates the branch of your nervous system that may help alleviate the psychological effects of stress.

Stretching can help you get
better at your preferred
sports activity.

Both static and dynamic stretching may be able to
help you improve your
range of motion.

Stretching also helps in
relieving post-exercise
aches and pains.

Stretching can be done
anywhere at any time
without any restrictions.

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