Countries That
Pay Couples To
Have Kids

It has become a challenge to
raise children with the rise in
inflation, increased prices of
products and commodities,
and the cost of living.

To fight declining birth rates, the
government in many countries
is providing financial incentives
for parents to have children.

Generally, people will
have kids if they believe
their jobs are secure, the
economy is robust and
they have complete
support to start a family.

On the other hand,
declining population
growth may lead to
economic downfall.

According to a Japan Times report, the
Japanese are slowly losing interest in
the concept of relationships and
marriage. This has prompted the
government to give Rs 6 lakh for
every child that is born.

Russia too has adopted
a similar policy. In fact,
September 12 is considered to
be a public holiday, for couples
planning to have kids.

Romania is another country
where couples are exempted
from paying taxes if they have
kids. On the contrary, couples
who do not give birth to
offspring are required to pay an
additional tax of 20 per cent.

Belarus provides money
for three years after the
child is born. A sum of
Rs 1.28 lakh is given to
the parents of the kid as
soon as they are born.

In 2013, the municipality
of Lestijarvi in Finland started
giving out baby bonus payments
to couples. The day a child is born,
the parents are given a handsome
reward of Rs 7.86 lakh.

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