Factors That Could Be Important During Sex

People often associate size with the degree of pleasure during sex but is it really just about the size?

Here’s a look at things that affect the pleasure in your sexual activities more than the much-hyped factor ‘size.’

The comfort of being around the person you love acts as fuel to passion and pleasure between the partners.

Love also brings an intensity that gives
the relationship a new flair.

Past scientific studies have also shown that the brain is the most important sexual organ in our body and is responsible for the pleasure we derive.

The intense feeling also frees us from mental barriers that limit our experience.

Trust is a key factor for having a stable relationship not just in the world but also in bed.

It’s a facilitator of free flow of communication where you can share your needs and requirements freely.

Giving enough space to your partner allows the relationship to breathe while strengthening the bond.

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