7 Foods That Can Boost Your Body's Keratin Levels

Keratin supplements are often
said to help prevent hair loss,
increase nail growth, and
improve skin texture.

Yet, plenty of healthy foods
may naturally support your
body’s synthesis of keratin.

Onions are not only great
for flavouring your favourite
dishes, but also ramping up
keratin production.

Salmon is also high in omega-3 fatty
acids, a type of heart-healthy fat
that has been shown to help improve
hair growth, enhance hair density 
and protect against hair loss.

In addition to being one of the
most vibrant vegetables, sweet
potatoes are highly nutritious
and great for promoting
keratin production.

Native to South Asia,
mangoes are a tasty way to
squeeze extra nutrients into
your diet while supporting
keratin synthesis.

Much like onions, garlic boasts
plenty of N-acetylcysteine,
which your body turns into L-
cysteine — an amino acid
found in keratin.


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Beef liver is one of the most
concentrated sources of biotin,
making it a great choice if
you’re looking to ramp up
keratin production naturally.

Carrots are a highly
nutritious root vegetable
closely related to celery,
parsley, and parsnips.

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