How To Beat The

Monday Blues

Stick to your schedule

Strike a balance that enables you to unwind while still taking care of your primary obligations. Don't go overboard simply because it's the weekend, in other words.

Resist the urge to live only for the weekends

People who are under stress at work are frequently happy on the weekends. Plan exciting activities throughout the week to make each day count.

Set an intention

Give it some thought and decide what you want out of the day. As an intention, you are free to choose any phrase or mantra that you believe promotes mental peace.

Write out your anxieties

People should sit down and list their top three fears for the coming week. You can cope with depression, regulate anxiety, and reduce stress by keeping a journal.

Arrange a trip

Research has repeatedly proven that having something to look forward to gives people hope. Discussing future ambitions is therefore a good way to strengthen interpersonal connections.

Rethink Mondays

You shouldn't devote the first day of the week to large or dreaded projects. Do your focused work on Tuesday and Wednesday instead.

Exercise for a short while

Even 10 minutes of vigorous exercise will help you feel more energised. You could also take a quick walk.

Give thanks

What's the best way to cap off your weekend? Be thankful for the coming week. Instead of fearing the aspects of your job that you dislike, go to sleep anticipating them.

Relax on Sundays

Avoid scheduling yourself too much on Sundays. Instead, rest, take care of yourself, or engage in enjoyable activities.

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