Signs Your Child Is
Depressed And
Needs Help

+ +


Is constantly complaining
of having some kind of a
pain in the body either
headaches or stomach pain.

Their chronic illness only
worsens with time because at
this point it is psychosomatic.

+ + +

You see them being anxious
and nervous about the smallest
of things all the time.

Their self-esteem is at an all
time low and they refuse to
take part in anything that
requires them to be social.

They have lost interest in
activities that they used to
enjoy previously.

You notice a change in
their appetite or
sleep pattern.

Their academic
performance is perpetually
declining and there is no
sign of improvement.

Your child is way more
distant than ever and
refuses to engage in any
sort of a conversation.

You see them growing fearful of
most things that are happening
around them and yet they don’t
address it with you.

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