These Parathas
Will Help You
Lose Weight

Mooli Paratha is rich in calcium
and vitamins and fulfills the 4%
requirement of a standard adult diet.

Also helpful in lowering the cholesterol levels, Mooli Paratha is best for weight loss too.

Pyaaz Paratha fulfills the 8%
requirement of a standard adult diet.

Quercetin, a flavonoid is found in onions, prevents the accumulation of fat.

Methi helps to avoid the risk of high BP,
diabetes and many other health problems.

Methi seeds also contain high
antioxidant flavonoid content

Palak is rich in antioxidants,
minerals and vitamins.

Palak is low in calories and fats.

Out of 1.09 gram of carbs, it has 0.66 gram
of fiber which helps in weight loss.

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