Tips For Improving Your Productivity

 Getting things done during the course of your workday shouldn't imply cramming everything within the allotted eight hours.

After several arduous hours of labour, the pain in your head should be your cue to take a rest. Take a minute to relax by taking a stroll, eating a meal, or by meditating.

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 About 20% of what you do each day results in 80% of your outcomes. During
the course of your workday, get rid of the items that
are unnecessary.

 Ignore your emails first thing in the morning and focus on eating a healthy breakfast, reading the news, practising meditation, or exercising out. 

When your mind is clear, finish the most difficult tasks. Save any busy work or meetings for the afternoon
if possible.

Establish a system to control your distracting behaviours. Plan your morning, lunch time, and evening time slot to manage your inbox if you are a habitual email checker.

The main cause of lost productivity is simple indifference. Focus on completing the most important tasks as quickly and effectively as you can.

When it comes to being effective throughout the workday, less is more. Focus on the fundamentals to increase productivity.

Avoid falling into the productivity trap of using email as a distraction from things that actually matter. Email is a productivity killer.

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