Apple Likely To Launch Yellow iPhone 14 Soon

Apple is planning to
launch iPhone 14 and
iPhone 14 Plus new
Yellow colour.

The brand last offered a
Yellow color option for the
iPhone 11 in 2019 and the
iPhone XR in 2018.

According to a Weibo post,
Apple’s PR team is planning a
product briefing this week.

Apple often adds new
iPhone colours in the
spring to boost sales.

Apple announced
new Green colours for the
iPhone 13 series on March
8 last year.

The company
introduced a new Green
color for the iPhone 13
and iPhone 13 mini.

The brand also launched a
new Alpine Green colour
for the iPhone 13 Pro

In April 2021, Apple made
the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12
mini available in Purple.

It is important to note
that there is an official
announcement from

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