Microsoft Integrates
AI In Office Apps:
All Details

Microsoft has launched 365 Copilot, which it calls the 'copilot for work'.

After investing in OpenAI, Microsoft is integrating AI heavily across its product lineup.

Microsoft 365 Copilot combines large language models (LLMs) with data in Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps.

Satya Nadella sees this as a major step in the evolution of computing that will fundamentally change the way people work.

Copilot is integrated in Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,
Teams, Power Platform, Viva,
and others.

Copilot also works with a new tool called 'Business Chat' to harness the full potential of Microsoft Graph's latest update.

Copilot, specifically in apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, can help save time and effort in writing, sourcing, and editing.

Copilot in Outlook and Teams can summarize key discussion points and suggest action items, all in real-time during a meeting.

Microsoft says, Copilot will change how people work, and those who embrace this new way of working will gain an edge.

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