Now Use ChatGPT On Smartwatch: All Details

Amazfit which makes quality smartwatches has now integrated ChatGPT into its platform.

The new update for Zepp OS integrates the Open AI chatbot to give you answers on the wrist.

Amazfit has made a separate dial (watch face) that offers chat feature for users.

Amazfit claims it will answer your queries and offer different actions based on them.

You can ask ChatGPT about weather, traffic, and even  what time it is in different cities.

Amazfit has become the first brand to introduce ChatGPT on a smartwatch.

Other brands could soon bring other AI Chatbots to the wearable devices.

ChatGPT is everywhere currently, including Microsoft’s Bing search and Edge browser.

You also have a paid version of the OpenAI chatbot for businesses to monetise the product.

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